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We have an amazing staff but they can't do it all!   At the end of the day, there are three facilities, mountains of paperwork, walls that need painting, rooms that need new floors, and hedges that need trimming.  There is homework that needs to get done, crafts that can be made, and lots and lots of babysitting needed.  That's where you come in! Hundreds of volunteers work with our organization every year in order to make sure everything that needs to get done is completed - and even then there are things left over! Not only do you contribute your time and talents but your volunteer hours also help us get important funding so we can keep our doors open. So whether you are interested in we have a job for you!!  

Check out the opportunities below or to get additional information contact  Volunteer Coordinator today at or call 757-485-1445 and ask for Summer.

In order to ensure the safety of our clients, all volunteers must complete and application.  You can complete  the volunteer application and interest form here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Below are the four main categories into which we try to funnel our volunteers. However, and it's a big however, if you don't see anything below that matches your particular interests - reach out anyways and tell us what you're interested in doing, we are flexible and want to include you!

  • Office Team

    Quite often we have a list of things waiting to be done inside our offices. During mailings season we have envelopes to stuff, stamps to apply, presents to wrap, deliveries to be made, and so on. Generally speaking we have certain programs that can sometimes use assistance organizing or preparing packets or files. If you have office/administrative experience and would like to assist in this way, get in touch with us today!

  • Facilities Team

    We have two large buildings with lots of needs. Being a facilities volunteer can run the gamut as far as things you might actually do - raking leaves, mulching, painting, flooring, sanitizing toys, trimming hedges, planting flowers, washing bikes, and so on. Many of these tasks would be outdoors, but there's a fair share to be done inside as well! If you are interested in becoming a facilities volunteer, get in touch today!

  • NEW: Community teams

    Community teams are made up of members of an organization such as a business, church or other community group interested in adopting a family who has moved from shelter living to living in the community in a home.  

    The goal of this program is to provide ongoing support that eases the transition from shelter living into building a sustainable family home. 

  • Internships

    As a nonprofit providing unique services, we do offer internships for those completing degrees in a related field. We have coordinated in the past with TCC, ODU, NSU, and other universities and colleges in the area. Our Volunteer Coordinator also takes point on questions and inquiries regarding potential internships - please contact for more information.  To fill out an application - download this document (here) and email it to Erika!

  • Clients' Team

    For many, this type of volunteering is very meaningful - directly working with the ladies and children we provide shelter to. Examples of what volunteer groups have done in the past include: cooking dinner at the Shelter, catering a cookout, providing an evening of entertainment for the kids, signing up to be on our child-care list, and so on. If the ideas are flowing, this might be for you! Get in touch with us today!

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Looking to volunteer, email  Summer or register here.