Why Events?

At the end of the day, we are an organization that exists to help our community flourish - during the holidays and all year long! Some events are opportunities for the community to directly show love and support for the families we serve. For example, the Gifts of Joy and Thanksgiving Baskets campaigns. Other events are chances for us to take a moment to provide insight and transparency to those in our community that support us financially or through partnerships. And, as all nonprofits must, there are events that we hold in order to raise funds - without which our work could not happen! If you have participated in any of these or are planning to in the future - you have our most sincere and honest thanks. We could not do it without you!

Upcoming Events

Our calendar for the new year is in the process of being finalized! Please return soon to see updated times, dates, and locations for our upcoming events!

  • 2nd Annual Night of gratitude

    This event happened on the 5th of May! Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors and the guests who attended. Please check out the pictures from the event below!

    See you next year!