Donate more peace and joy this Holiday!

Join us this Holiday season to give more peace, comfort and joy to families fleeing domestic violence and sexual assault! No one expects to be in our shelter during the Holidays and we want to make sure they are provided for from shelter, food, protection and more. DONATE NOW!

Due to confidentiality, donations are primarily limited to items being requested for specific donation campaigns. If you have questions, please feel free to email

  • Holidays 2018

    The holiday season is here!  This year has brought many reasons to celebrate peace and joy with current and past survivors and their families. With the addition of a third shelter location for homeless families, we know that this year we will reach even more!  Our Holiday programs are 100% funded and supported through donations from individuals, churches, and companies like you!

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    Questions? E-mail or call 757-372-5808

Support Us! 

If you are considering giving to us today, we have a few things to mention! 


2) Due to the generosity of people like you, we are able to offer even more services and assistance to our clients. In the world of nonprofits, there are grants that we receive that we must match or get reimbursed for - and in those cases personal donations like this are essential to continuing the flow of our services. You are literally making things happen for those in need! If you would like your donation to be specifically donated to a program or cause, please contact our office and let the administrator know. 

3) If you would rather write a check or make a donation in another fashion (as listed below), please see the contact information in the next tab for our mailing address and phone number. 

Thank you again! 

An Smart Way to Contribute!

This is a cool little nugget of information! If you go to, and type in Help & Emergency Response as your dedicated organization, Amazon donates a little gift to us in your honor with every purchase and at no extra cost to you! It's honestly that simple. The phrase below sums it up pretty well - "You shop. Amazon gives." As you get ready for the holiday season, there is going to be so many orders placed online - why not have them all count towards the HER Shelter? Cool huh?