We Are Here for You

In the Academy Award-winning film Spotlight, one of the characters delivers this bombshell of a line: "If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one." Domestic abuse is a similar story. Cultures of shame, guilt or embarrassment cause many people experiencing situations of violence to keep it to themselves. Here at the HER Shelter, we believe that community education is one of the keys to ending domestic violence. If a community is aware of the signs and signals, as well as being aware of their own actions, behaviors, and attitudes that encourage or discourage openness - we believe that such a community can play a new and more effective role in helping those in dangerous and unhealthy situations.

If you or a group you know is interested in hosting one of our staff for a speaking engagement/community or professional training/seminar/agency fair - please contact Melody 757-485-1445 today.

To download a printable Hotline Number Tear-Off Sheet, click here: Download!

  • School Groups

    Educating our children, the young and the old, is essential to ensuring they arrive in adulthood with the right tools to maintain healthy relationships with friends, family, and with those they date. Our School Group trainings can address any number of issues as requested: family violence, healthy relationships, conflict resolution, dating abuse, sexual assault and violence, or others. If you or a school you work for are interested in having us come out to provide a group, lecture, seminar, or training for students or faculty/staff - please contact us.

  • Organization/Companies

    We have many professional contacts throughout the Hampton Roads region - both corporate and nonprofit. As a place of employment, it is likely that at some point in the past, present, or future, that you have had an employee experiencing abuse in some form. As managers and coworkers, it is so important that you are up to date on these issues - as being able to offer support or guidance can be the difference between life and death. Our training curriculum for professionals is extremely flexible and can be tailored to any audience or specific information need - just let us know. Contact us today to schedule a training!

  • Community/Faith-Based Groups

    We do not do our work alone. For many people, places of spiritual refuge and support are key to living a healthy and balanced life. As a result, many of those experiencing abuse may come to you seeking support or assistance. It is our desire to partner with your staff and provide the training and background information necessary for providing healthy, trauma-informed help to those in need. You are doing great work already! We just want to make sure that as you interact with the world of domestic violence that you are doing it in such a way that results in positive outcomes for all involved.