Client Programs

There are a wide variety of services and programs available to our in and out-of-shelter clients. For many women and men leaving a situation of domestic violence, this is the start of an entirely new chapter in their lives. Through our services, we strive to cover the basics of entering into an independent living situation. Below you can find details on all of our programs, but if you have more questions feel free to get in touch with us through the Connect tab.

Home-Based Case Management

This program is for clients exiting our shelter or for individuals and families that may not need shelter but could still benefit from case management services. Home-Based Case Management is completely voluntary - clients may choose whether or not to participate. However, financial assistance with housing is restricted to individuals and families willing to participate in the program. Length of service is different depending on level of barriers and type of support needed. The overall goal is to equip clients with the support and comfort they need to find and maintain stable housing without assistance. As this is home-based, both clients and staff must feel safe in the home in order to meet. Case managers communicate directly with clients to set up meetings and determine services.

Shelter-Based Advocacy Teams

Upon entering shelter, clients are assigned to a team  as soon as possible. Typically, clients meet with their team within 1 week of entering. During the initial meeting, a general intake and paperwork are completed, as well as general goal-setting for the client during their stay. In general, the program's goal is to empower and encourage clients to achieve tangible outcomes in order to enter a stable housing and financial situation when it becomes time to leave. Staff members walk through the shelter stay step by step with clients, doing as much as possible to equip clients for success.  In addition to their individual duties, staff also offer a weekly group (called Honoring Everyone's Resilience) on Tuesday evenings. For more information on the groups available, please give our offices a call.

Court Advocacy

Our Court Advocate helps survivors navigate through the judicial process and helps to restore their lives after a domestic violence crisis. The Advocate offers information about the different options available and supports their decisions. In no situation does the Advocate ever tell a survivor the "right" way to pursue justice. In all communication and meetings we assume the highest confidentiality. However, just as with counselors or priests, if certain information does arise, our Advocate may be legally required to report it to authorities. This might include: any type of threat by or to a client (including threats of self-harm), and any abuse or neglect of children. Many days during the week our Advocate is out of the office attending court with our clients.

Children's Programming

Our Children's Program offers a wide variety of events and programs each week. Since the schedule varies week to week, we routinely post calendars in the shelters to make clients aware of what's going on for their kids. In addition to children's activities, our program also offers two recurring groups: a support group specifically for the children, and a parenting group for the adults. In many cases, parents in the shelter ask for wisdom or advice in raising their kids - thus the addition of the parenting group on a recurring basis. In the fall we hold a Back to School event for our current and ex-clients. Christmas is also a hopping time for our Children's Program, as many families (both in and out of shelter) reach out for holiday support.


The Employment Program at the HER Shelter offers a multitude of resources to help clients find and hold stable jobs. Understanding that searching for employment can be overwhelming, we assist in any way we can. At the core of the program is assistance in creating or editing resumes and completing online applications. We will soon have an expanded computer lab in which to offer a higher level of support in this aspect. Clients are also presented with the option to attend skills classes on a weekly basis - addressing topics such as time and money management, customer service, interview strategies, and more. Lastly, clients have access to a closet of professional clothing.


Our Housing Advocate works tirelessly with a network of landlords and connections in order to help our clients achieve long-term, sustainable housing. Our goal is to rapidly rehouse our clients as quickly as possible when we feel they are working towards sustaining housing on their own. We are sometimes privy to several funding sources that also allow us to provide financial assistance to clients who can meet the qualifications. However, our financial assistance (as mentioned above) is only available to clients willing to receive home-based or shelter-based case management. If you are interested in assistance finding or sustaining housing, please contact our offices for more information and to be connected to a case manager.

Mental Health Services

Our amazing Mental Health Associate helps to coordinate a variety of mental health services for both adults clients as well as their children. Through a partnership with local partner agencies, we are able to provide counseling services to the children within the shelter. Our own Mental Health Associate facilitates support groups and counseling for adults both in-shelter and community-based. Often, the HER Shelter also hosts art therapy interns, making additional services available as well. We seek to assist our clients holistically - and mental health is essential to this.

Under-Served Populations Outreach

Within any city, there are populations that are difficult to reach for a variety of reasons - transportation issues, lack of access to phone/internet in order to discover services, language barriers - and so on. Through a new program, we are able to daily send out our Under-Served Populations Coordinator to seek and assist those who might have trouble accessing our services. We are excited to see this expansion in our reach, but even more excited to see more folks in need of services coming to utilize what we have available.