Emergency Shelter

It is a hard transition for any person to leave their home or their belongings and come into shelter. It becomes harder still when children are added to the situation - they can be confused, scared, and anxious at new places and people. Her at HER, we do our utmost to prepare safe and welcoming spaces for women and children fleeing situations of domestic or sexual violence, homelessness, or human trafficking. Thanks to our amazing community, the common spaces and individual rooms in our shelters are up-to-date and hopefully quite lovely!

Portsmouth Domestic Violence Shelter

The larger of our two locations, the Portsmouth Shelter was opened in 1995 after the organization outgrew its original premises. Currently, it is also the location of our Employment, Housing, Youth and Family Services, Court Advocacy, Hotline and After Care programs.


Chesapeake Domestic Violence Shelter

The Chesapeake Shelter (called the Beazley Center for Hope), was opened March 9th, 2015. The first of it's kind in the city of Chesapeake, we are humbled to be able to offer such needed services to a new population. Also in this building, are our Executive, Administration, and Volunteer offices.