Our Mission & Vision

Help and Emergency Response, Inc. provides leadership, advocacy, and resources to survivors and communities affected by Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Stalking, and Human Trafficking.

The work of Help and Emergency Response, Inc. will create a safe and prosperous future for all through awareness, services, and training for lasting change in the communities we serve.

Our Philosophy

To empower everyone to break the cycle of violence and to become (or remain) healthy, productive, caring individuals whose strong sense of self-worth is directly transmitted to their children.

We believe all adults and children are entitled to a violence free life in a stable environment.

We believe everyone deserves to be treated

with respect and dignity.

We believe we must be non-judgmental, open-minded,

compassionate, and positive in our work - serving

as nurturing role models.

We believe we can inspire others to reach their ultimate potential, to establish a better life for themselves and their children.

H.E.R. takes confidentiality of every client served seriously and abides by Virginia code 63.2-104.1



For Clients (Resident, Aftercare, Group Member, etc.)


Help and Emergency Response, Inc. is committed to providing confidential services to individuals and families in the community.  The following policy has been implemented to ensure the confidentiality of all communications, records and other documents (client information) maintained by Help and Emergency Response, Inc.

  • 1.      All client records are maintained in individual client files, which are kept in a locked file cabinet and/or secure office.  Only those staff members, employees, interns or trained volunteers who are responsible for providing services have access to these files.
  • 2.      Information about a client’s contact with H.E.R. will not be shared with any individual or third party without the client’s written consent, except in certain instances:
  •          Service of any legal documents
  •          Imminent danger to a person accessing agency services or clearly defined third party
  •          Emergency situations when a client’s health or personal safety is threatened
  • 3.      Client information will not be released and/or shared with third parties unless ordered through subpoena or other legal document.  If H.E.R. records or staff are subpoenaed by a court or the legal documents are improper or inappropriate, H.E.R, may challenge the subpoena or legal documents in an appropriate court and will release only client information or portions thereof that H.E.R. is legally required to provide.


  • 4.      H.E.R. asks that clients not disclose the shelter location for the safety of those that live and work here. It is expected that clients utilize our pick up point location (provided during intake) for all transportation needs. Disclosure of shelter location will be addressed by staff immediately and can result in exit from shelter. 


  • 5.      H.E.R. asks that every client respect the confidentiality of other clients they meet in the shelter, support groups or through participation in other shelter services.  Clients are asked not to discuss any information of other clients with anyone (including through social media usage)


  • 6.      All professional staff, trained volunteers, interns and other staff who work directly with clients must sign a confidentiality agreement ensuring that they will protect and preserve client confidence.  Training of all staff includes in-depth orientation regarding H.E.R’s confidentiality policy.  In addition, on-going training and refresher courses regarding the confidentiality of client information are required of all professional staff, employees, trained volunteers and interns.


  • 7.      Unauthorized disclosure of client confidential information by professional staff, employees, trained volunteers and interns may subject that individual to disciplinary action, including termination.


Help and Emergency Response, Inc. Confidentiality Agreement


I further agree:


  • My relationship and interactions with other clients, staff, volunteers, interns, etc. will be respectful.
  • I will not divulge the shelter nor program’s address/location to anyone during or after my involvement with the organization.
  • I will not confirm nor deny the presence of any client in the Domestic Violence Program’s area battered women’s shelters or programs.